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Texas Grapefruit & Orange sizes are determined by how many pieces of fruit fit in a 40 pound box (if 23 grapefruit fit in a box then the size is a “23”). 


The sizes we currently offer are:


Texas Rio Red Grapefruit: 

TX Fancy sizes: 23, 27, 32, 36, 40, 48 & 56

Choice sizes: 27, 32, 36, 40 & 48


Texas Oranges:

TX Combo sizes: 48, 56, 64, 72, 88, 113 & 138 

Choice sizes: 48, 56, 64, 72, 88, 113 & 138






Grading is determined by how the outer skin looks. Texas Fancy Grapefruit & Texas Combo Oranges have minimal scarring where as Choice Grapefruit & Oranges have noticeably more. Remember these marks are just on the peel and have no affect on the inside quality at all.


We now have one of the most innovative packing systems in the world. Our new state of the art packing line creates a modernized process along with smart system solutions which allows us to pack more efficiently in order to satisfy our customers. In addition we are able to reduce our expenses by improving the accuracy and consistency while reducing the variations and costs of grading by hand which will greatly benefit our growers. The use of robotics, computers and integrated automations are incorporated to serve the operational efficiency and to address the increasing demands of worker and food safety concerns. It also includes a high tech imaging system to identify product blemishes and imperfections. Multiple images are captured in the machine of each piece of fruit for the greatest levels of accuracy. Automated packing machines reduce the high costs of labor by reducing the number of employees and significantly increasing the number of cartons packed per hour.


"Our goal is to increase profits by reducing the overall packing cost."



Holiday 1/2 Gift Carton

• Approximately a 20lb. carton 

• “Gift-Wrapped” designer carton

• Goes directly to produce floor

• Convenient one-stop shopping for consumers


Graphic Display Bin

• For high volume sales

• Instant display unit

• Capture the attention of consumers with colorfully designed bins

• Lowers labor costs

• Filled with Texas Grapefruit or Oranges

• Ships with bulk or bagged fruit


Consumer Carton

• Approximately a 40lb. carton

• Eye-appealing package with our Tropic Moon or Edinburg's Best labels

• Ideal gift

• Convenient side handles


Poly/Mesh Bags

• Colorful bag allows fruit to “breathe” so it stays fresher longer

• Incorporates colorful artwork to capture the attention of the consumer

• Poly/Mesh Fancy & Choice Grapefruit bags: 5#, 8# and 10#

• Poly/Mesh Combination & Choice Orange bags: 4#, 5#, 8# and 10#




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