Texas Oranges

When you peel a Texas orange, you can see that not all oranges are created equal, different growing areas will produce a different quality fruit. When peeling a Texas Orange, the first thing you will notice is its very thin skin. That’s because our oranges are grown in the semi-tropical moist climate of the Lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas in rich soils.

Bite into any of our orange varieties (Early, Navel and Valencias) and “sweet” and "juicy" are the best words to describe them. Oranges are one of the most popular fruits to juice at home and our Texas Early and Valencia oranges are perfect for juicing. Our Texas Navels are also juicy but perfect to peel and eat.

The breezes from the Gulf sometimes create “tropical beauty marks” or surface scarring on the peel but it does not affect inside quality of the fruit at all. Since our oranges stay on the tree until ordered, you can be assured that they will be as sweet as they can be.

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